S/P Pectoralis Major Repair

In the procedure the tendon and muscle are reattached to the bone of the humerus with suture anchor. Your arm will remain in a shoulder sling for at least 3 weeks. The length of time that you will be off work will depend on your job but expect a minimum of 6 weeks if work involves heavy duties.
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  • Pain in the chest and upper arm
  • "Tearing" sound can be heard
  • Weakness in pushing the arms out in front of the body
  • Bruising in the chest and arm
  • A dimpling, or pocket, formed just above the arm pit where the rupture occurred
  • Shoulder pain
  • Loss of shoulder ROM
  • Weightlifting- most commonly the bench press maneuver
  • Sports such as football, rugby, wrestling
  • Traumatic accidents/injuries
  • Steroid use
  • Period of immobilization in sling
  • Passive ROM, then progress to active ROM
  • Shoulder stabilization exercises
  • Posture program
  • Upper extremity strengthening



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