• Just as "itunes" has revolutionized the music industry, Mobil PT is an all new concept that will forever change the delivery of, injury specific, therapeutic home exercise programs. Nothing improves my results better than a patient engaged in their own recovery. By providing patients PT anytime, anywhere even my busiest clients have access to great instructional therapy videos for all phases of recovery. I've found Mobil PT particularly useful in the early post-operative period. Too early for formal physical therapy but necessary to start phase 1 rehab. Whether instead of or in addition to clinic based PT, Mobil PT is the most efficent, effective, and economical way to provide my patients the tools necessary for a successful result. Patients feel more in control of their outcome, my over-all results are better why won't I endorse this product!

    Scott Forman, MD
    Scott Forman, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
  • mobilPT provided me the ability to start my rehabilitation right away after surgery which allowed me to progress faster. My doctor told me I was ahead of schedule and I attributed this to my starting home exercises early. Not only were the videos and voice instructions helpful but the convenience factor was huge for me as I am very busy. I only needed a total of 6 formal therapy sessions which saved me money and time. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs physical therapy or rehabilitation.

    Kathy Koss
    Kathy Koss
  • This is the best invention ever. With two kids I do not have the time to attend formal physical therapy sessions and this has worked really well for me as it has allowed me to rehabilitate on my own time. Without this I am not sure what I would have done.

  • I had shoulder surgery and I received the videos from mobilPT designed for my particular condition which allowed me to start rehabilitation sooner and I recovered in 3 weeks when my doctor said it would take 6 weeks. The videos and voice instructions were extremely helpful as they emphasized proper technique. I never left my house and I loved it.

    De Arna Kilekas
    De Arna Kilekas
  • John, I wanted to let you know that I have used MobilPT now at least three times for separate injuries and each time the exercises have been spot on and provided near immediate relief with results which lead to healing.  The first time I used MobilPT was for a back injury, which Restor Phyiscal Therapy helped me diagnose.  I had such wonderful results with this, I tried it again, on my own for a shoulder injury.  Again, I had the same immediate results, leading to healing. The diagnosis search is so user friendly that I feel confident selecting an exercise program based on the thorough and easy to understand Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment break down.  MobilPT is the best and keeps me out of the doctor’s office! Thank you, Cassandra Naulty CNJ Realty Grand Rapids, MI

    Cassandra Naulty
    Cassandra Naulty CNJ Realty
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