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Thank you for taking time to learn more about mobilPT.com. We hope that our enthusiasm for this ground-breaking, creative solution comes through loud and clear to YOU, the consumer. We truly believe that the time has come to leverage technology to control the costs associated with physical therapy and rehabilitation, and we are confident that the mobilPT technology can deliver on that promise.
We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share our vision with you.
Owner and President of Restor Physical Therapy with 3 clinical locations in Orange County, California. 22 years of experience specializing in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation. Chief Clinical Developer of all content for mobilPT.

“I developed mobilPT with the patient in mind and to provide patients and any user with the tools to help them take care of themselves.   Our healthcare landscape has changed so much in the 25 years that I have been practicing making it harder to get care, more expensive to get care and more difficult to find good care.  Our mobilPT platform is a free market solution that provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program at a fraction of the cost.  Helping you help yourself.  Enjoy the journey”

In Good Health

John R. Horsley, PT


The Concept
mobilPT is a web-based rehabilitation solution developed by a team of physical therapists with the goal of improving the design and implementation of home care/self management training programs. A critical element in any rehabilitation program is home exercise prescriptions that are necessary to enhance and expedite the recovery process. Delays in the recovery process only serve to lengthen the time it will take to return to full function. Our platform empowers YOU the consumer to begin YOUR recovery process sooner while YOU navigate the delays and benefit limitations common in today’s heath care system. We intend to improve that function by placing a very powerful tool in YOUR hands. The mobilPT platform is not designed to replace the physician, physical therapist or rehabilitation professional, only to enhance the experience and the effectiveness of YOUR recovery process.
With insurance benefits dwindling each year and your out of pocket/shared costs soaring each year the time for cost containment has never become more relevant. Co-pays and deductibles add up quickly any time physical therapy or rehabilitation from in injury or surgery is required. We are confident that mobilPT will help you manage your condition in a more cost effective way. Our program is not free, anything worthwhile requires a certain level of commitment in order to achieve any goal. We are offering this expansive service to you at the nominal fee of $19.99 per phase. Each phase or assignment will provide you with 2-4 weeks of rehabilitation exercises, which amounts to a fraction of the costs you would incur attending frequent formal rehabilitation sessions. Once again, we are not designed to replace the clinician or rehabilitation professional, only to help you better manage your recovery process.
The Need
In the past and present, professionals have relied heavily on handing out diagrams, stick figure drawings, still frame exercise clips and written instructions to provide the basis for home exercise programs. The effectiveness of these interventions have always been ineffective at best. The mission of mobilPT is to bring a high-quality clinical experience to patients at home by providing them with the professional tools necessary to effectively manage and improve their condition. The mobilPT technology includes video streams and detailed voice-over instructions from a licensed physical therapist driven by your diagnosis. Our data-base is the most extensive available providing phases for each of the stages of your recovery. Each phase is extensive and designed to address as many of the key areas necessary for a complete recovery process.
Value Proposition
With health care costs going through the roof and patients having limited time to set aside for medical appointments, mobilPT provides a means of keeping these health care costs down in addition to the added convenience of enabling you to perform your rehabilitation exercises at home or anywhere you choose via your computer or smart phone. We are now bringing this new technology to you, the consumer, in efforts to help you better navigate the health care environment, control your out of pocket costs while achieving your goal to return to maximum function. Click here to take the mobilPT tour to view our platform and determine if this will meet your health care needs.
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Please fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you want to speak with one of our physical therapists, please call (949) 433- 7171 or write your questions to info@mobilPT.com for immediately attention.

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