S/P Multidirectional instability (PAN Capsular Plication) of the Shoulder

Arthroscopic pancapsular plication affords the surgeon flexibility to correct the degree and direction of laxity in the multidirectionally unstable patient. This technique can be combined with suture anchors if needed to correct capsulolabral defects in patients with more advanced lesions.
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  • Multiple shoulder dislocations
  • Non-specific pain in the shoulder
  • “Dead-arm” feeling
  • Pain when arm is lifted above 90 degrees
  • Fall onto shoulder
  • Sports injury
  • Overhead throwing athletes
  • Overuse
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder instability due to bony anatomy or laxity in ligaments
  • Tear of rotator cuff or labrum
  • Period of immobilization
  • Progress to shoulder ROM and stretching
  • Shoulder stabilization exercises
  • Posture program



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