S/P Menisectomy

Meniscectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of a torn meniscus. A meniscus tear is a common knee joint injury. Surgeons who perform meniscectomies (orthopedic surgeons) will make surgical decisions based on the meniscus's ability to heal as well as your age, health, and activity level. In a total meniscectomy, the entire meniscus is removed. In a partial meniscectomy, the surgeon removes as little of the meniscus as possible. Unstable meniscal fragments are removed, and the remaining meniscus edges are smoothed so that there are no frayed ends.
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  • Pain in the knee
  • Swelling in the knee
  • Clicking, catching, or locking in the knee
  • Point tender on the medial joint line of the knee
  • Repetitive walking
  • Repetitive squatting
  • Direct blow
  • Degeneration
  • Trauma with twisting movement with a bent knee
  • Massage to reduce swelling
  • Passive ROM and active ROM
  • Quadriceps activation
  • Knee stabilization exercises
  • Lower extremity strengthening
  • Gait program
  • Return to running program



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