S/P Humerus Fracture

Surgery may be required when the bone fragments are far out of position. Fractures close to the shoulder and elbow joints, especially fractures that extend into the joint, are more likely to require surgery. Fixation of the fracture fragments with plates, screws, or pins or in severe fractures with previous joint degeneration may require shoulder replacement.
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  • Pain in the arm
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Inability to move the shoulder
  • A grinding sensation when the shoulder is moved
  • Deformity
  • Fall
  • Direct blow
  • Period of immobilization in a sling
  • Passive ROM to shoulder and elbow progressing to active ROM of the shoulder and elbow
  • Posture program
  • Shoulder stabilization exercises
  • Wrist and grip strengthening
  • Upper extremity strengthening



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