Lumbar Disc Disorders with Myelopathy

Lumbar disc disorder with myelopathy refers to a disorder of the lumbar spine that results in compression of the lowest portion of the spinal cord (conus medullaris). Myelopathy is an inclusive term referring to any disorder of the spinal cord. The lumbar region specifies the lower portion of the spine from the mid- to lower back between the thoracic spine of the upper back and sacral region at the base of the spine. The lumbar spine contains five vertebrae (L1-L5).
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  • Pain in the lumbar spine
  • Radiating pain in legs
  • Numbness in the legs
  • Loss of bowel/bladder symptoms and sexual dysfunction
  • Trauma to lumbar spine
  • Inflammation in the lumbar spine
  • Bone spurring
  • Tumor
  • Age related degeneration
  • Possible surgical intervention
  • ROM and stretching
  • Core muscle stabilization
  • Lower and upper extremity strengthening



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