Lesion of Femoral Nerve

A wound or injury of the femoral nerve. A pathological change in the tissues. One of the individual points or patches of a multifocal disease.
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  • Sensation changes in the thigh, knee, or leg, such as decreased sensation, numbness, tingling, burning
  • Feeling of the knee "giving way" or buckling
  • Pain
  • Weakness of the knee or leg
  • Direct injury (trauma)
  • Prolonged pressure on the nerve
  • Compression or entrapment of the nerve by nearby parts of the body or disease-related structures (such as a tumor)
  • A broken pelvis bone
  • A catheter placed into the femoral artery in the groin
  • Diabetes, which can cause widespread nerve damage
  • Internal bleeding in the pelvis or belly area
  • ROM and stretching exercises
  • Lower extremity strengthening exercises
  • Gait program



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