Dislocation of the Obturator Hip

Displacement of the obturator hip; specifically inferior disturbance or disarrangement of the normal relation of the bones entering into the formation of a joint.
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  • Severe pain in the hip, especially when attempting to move the leg
  • Leg on the affected side appears shorter than the other leg
  • Hip joint appears deformed
  • Pain or numbness along the sciatic nerve area (back of thighs) if injury presses on this nerve
  • Severe falls, especially from heights
  • Motor vehicle accidents when knee strikes dashboard with thigh abducted (Hip is abducted, externally rotated, and flexion)
  • Blow to the back of while in squatted position
  • Possible surgical intervention
  • ROM and stretching exercises
  • Core stabilization exercises
  • Lower extremity strengthening exercises



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