Elbow DJD Arthritis

Arthritis characterized by erosion of articular cartilage of the elbow, which becomes soft, frayed, and thinned with eburnation of subchondral bone and outgrowths of marginal osteophytes; pain and loss of function result.

  • Pain in the elbow
  • Stiffness in the elbow
  • Loss of ROM in the elbow
  • Repetitive arm use
  • Previous injury
  • Repetitive throwing
  • ROM and stretching to elbow
  • Upper extremity strengthening exercises
  • Posture program
Elbow DJD Arthritis Phase I

Purchase Phase

  • Elbow Flexion Stretch
  • Passive Elbow Extension
  • Elbow Pronation Stretch
  • Elbow Supination Stretch
  • Full Anterior Stretch
  • Wall Clocks

Elbow DJD Arthritis Phase II

Purchase Phase

  • Wrist Curls
  • Wrist Pronation Supination
  • Ulnar Radial Deviation
  • Rice Wrist Flexion And Extension

Elbow DJD Arthritis Phase III

Purchase Phase

  • Ulnar Radial Deviation
  • Rice Wrist Flexion And Extension
  • Wrist Curls
  • Rice Wrist Pronation Supination
  • Eccentric Wrist Flexion
  • Eccentric Wrist Extension
  • Rice Hand Opening Closing
  • Bicep Curls
  • Bicep Eccentrics