ACL Prevention program

Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is a significant injury that requires surgical intervention and can take a full year or more to recover from. Research indicates many of the non-contact ACL tears can be prevented through proper training. This program is designed to help prepare the lower body of the athlete in efforts to prevent a non-contact ACL injury.

        ACL Prevention program

        Purchase Phase

        • Sit On Feet
        • Kneeling Hip Flexor
        • Adductor Straddle
        • Lotus
        • Deep Squat Stretch
        • Box Lunge Dina Disc
        • Single Leg Squat And Touch
        • Kettle Bell Get Ups
        • Single Leg Lateral Box Jump
        • Dead Lifts
        • Tri Planar Lunges
        • Box Jump Forward Backward
        • Sit Up Squat Box Jump
        • Sit Up Squats W Ball Bar Overhead
        • Speed Skater Hurdles
        • Speed Ladder Over And Back